Welcome to Harvest Land Co-op Agronomy Department

Our Agronomy Department now services over 1.69 million acres throughout east central Indiana and west central Ohio. We offer fertilizer, crop protection, seed and custom application through our knowledgeable and professional agronomy staff.

At Harvest Land we are focused on you, which is why we utilize the YieldPro system: a value-added, service-focused program to benefit your business directly. Contact your nearest Harvest Land location to see how partnering with us in implement this program can better your farm.


Are you educated on the Palmer amaranth threat in our area?

Read more from Harvest Land's experts here.

Pay Your Bill

Harvest Land Co-op has started a new payment process by telephone.  We will begin using check by phone to pay your regular Harvest Land account upon your request.  This process is simple to use and does not cost the customer anything.  We will require you to sign an authorization form which asks for your ABA routing number and your checking account number at your local bank.  A voided check must also be attached to the authorization form.  These forms must be completed before we can begin the automated payments.  If you have questions concerning this process, please contact Kim Buttery at our Richmond Office. 

Download the form

WATCH NOW: YieldPro Forums Available Online!

In an effort to coninually provide industry information to our members, Harvest Land has made our YieldPro forum presentations available online! Whether you'd like to listen to the presentation again or you weren't able to attend a forum, simply click here  to learn more. 


Ohio Ag Centers
College Corner: 513-523-5692
Covington:  937-473-2422
Eldorado:  937-273-2131
Lena, LLC:  937-368-3856
Pitsburg:  937-692-8400
Seven Mile:  513-726-4411 or 1-888-662-4304
Verona:  937-884-5526 or 1-888-218-5149
Versailles:  937-526-4811
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Indiana Ag Centers
Cider Grove: 765-643-8398
Decatur: 260-724-2169 or 1-800-204-9228
Dundee: 765-754-7512
Dunreith: 765-987-7919 or 1-888-891-6700
Durbin: 765-534-3044 or 1-888-534-3044
Elwood: 765-552-7339
Finly: 317-861-5080
Hagerstown: 765-849-4141 or 1-800-477-8189
Junction: 317-326-2511 or 1-800-290-2667
Lapel: 765-534-4949 or 1-866-900-5235
Limberlost: 260-997-6655
Lynn: 765-874-1616
Mt. Summit: 765-836-4826 or 1-800-662-8002
Oakville: 1-765-288-4888 or 1-800-237-2210
Pershing: 765-478-9636
R & F, Anderson (formerly Rydman & Fox): 765-754-7449
Richmond: 765-962-1527
Rushville: 765-932-5525 or 1-800-860-5525
Snowhill: 765-874-2500
Williams: 260-724-3175 or 1-800-292-7270
Winchester: 765-584-5100