About Harvest Land Co-op

WHAT WE DO: Harvest Land Co-op offers a broad range of agricultural inputs and custom services to support the varied farming operations in our market area. The major product lines that we provide are petroleum/LP, feed, fertilizer, crop protection, and seed. In addition, we offer related services that include custom application, grain marketing, consultation and precision ag technologies. Harvest Land Co-op operates crop outlets, bulk petroleum plants, feed mills, country stores, and grain facilities that purchase and store grain produced by local farmers.

HOW WE SERVE THE GENERAL CONSUMER: A segment of our business is also dedicated to marketing retail consumer items to the general public. We are a major supplier of residential and commercial petroleum products including heating oils, LP gas, diesel and gasoline, and also operate retail gasoline outlets. We have country stores providing lawn and garden supplies, pet supplies, specialty feeds and a variety of other needs for the home.

HOW WE OPERATE: The Co-op is owned and controlled by approximately 5,400 members who are local farmers that produce or market farm products. These farmer-members elect a board of directors that establishes policy and direction for their Cooperative. Harvest Land Co-op operates on a cooperative basis which means that all profits created are used for the members’ benefit. These uses may include reinvestment in the business to purchase new equipment, facilities, or support new technological developments. Profits which are not re-invested may be saved to meet future needs or returned to the members as patronage refunds. To learn more about the cooperative system, visit our partner's site at www.macc.coop.

WHAT WE LOOK LIKE: With over $145 million in assets, Harvest Land Co-op generates approximately $430 million in annual sales. We employ nearly 350 people and operate 51 facilities, including about 10 million bushels of grain storage.

WHERE WE ARE LOCATED: We have facilities located in the following communities:

Indiana Locations
  Ohio Locations  
Anderson, IN Hagerstown, IN Bradford, OH  
Brookville, IN  Lapel, IN College Corner, OH  
Bryant, IN Losantville, IN Covington, OH  
Buck Creek, IN Lynn, IN Eaton, OH  
Charlottesville, IN Mays, IN Eldorado, OH  
Cider Grove, IN Millville, IN Greenville, OH  
Connersville, IN
Monroe, IN Hamilton, OH  
Decatur, In Mt Summit, IN Lena, OH  
Durbin, IN New Castle, IN McGongile, OH  
Dundee, IN Oakville, IN Pitsburg, OH  
Dunreith, IN Pendleton, IN Seven Mile, OH  
Elwood, IN Pershing, IN Union City, OH  
Emporia, IN Raymond, IN Verona, OH  
Finly, IN Richmond, IN Versailes, OH  
Fountaintown, IN Rushville, IN    
Geneva, IN Snow Hill, IN    
Greenfield, IN Summitville, IN    
  Wilkinson, IN    
  Williams, IN  
  Winchester, IN    

WHO WE ARE: Harvest Land Co-op is an agribusiness owned cooperatively by farmers in several East Central Indiana and South West Ohio counties. Originally organized in the late 1920’s, we continue to specialize in providing farmers with the products and services they need to farm effectively and profitably.

WHAT WE BELIEVE: We believe that agriculture today is a vital key to economic progress. We also believe that the farmer and his Cooperative are business partners that contribute significantly to the well being of all Americans. We believe our focus at Harvest Land Co-op is to supply the people, products, facilities, services, and assistance necessary to keep the farmer at the leading edge of his profession.




OUR VISION: To be a leading farmer owned company that values its customers and employees while growing an influential and financially solid organization.

OUR MISSION: A farmer owned cooperative that serves customers in our market area. Our purpose is to provide products, operational services, technologies and marketing assistance to our customers to enhance their lives and profitability, while generating an adequate return on our members’ equity.