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 Agricultural Scholarship Application

With the future in the hands of the next generation, it is important for every young adult to have the sky as their limit and not be burdened with financial hardships just to receive an education. This is why Harvest Land Co-op is proud to offer $1000 agricultural scholarships for the 2018-19 academic year.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must:
  • be a high school senior;
  • entering a post-high school agricultural program;
  • be involved in agriculture in their local community; and
  • live or attend school in Harvest Land Co-op's market area.

These scholarships will focus on need and leadership potential of future contributors to the agricultural industry. 

The applications will be evaluated by our Youth Development Committee. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application. The scholarships will then be awarded at the senior honors program of the students who are selected. However, payment of the scholarship will be made after verification of the students’ successful completion of the first semester, quarter, or term and enrollment in the second semester, quarter, or term of the post-high school program.

Applications are due MARCH 1, 2018.


Accelerated Career Excellence

As we prepare for the increased responsibilities and future demands of an evolving agriculture climate, we must provide emerging frontrunners with a broader perspective. This more-strategic perspective enables them to see the business as a whole—beyond specific functions or departments. By gaining this perspective, they are more prepared to successfully operate in leadership positions.

The ACE program is a 12-month career development program designed to enable participants to strategically frame their thinking, learn and use basic cooperative business knowledge and tools, and apply what is learned in the context of their accelerating career. Customized to the needs of our cooperative and your passions, this program builds capabilities to enhance individual performance for success in future positions.

You can read a personal testimony about our ACE program here

If you're interested in a future with the ACE program, please access and complete the application below. Applications may be returned to Luann Nichol at

 ACE Application