YieldPro is a prescription recommendation program that helps farmers integrate agronomic expertise and technology by developing and implementing site-specific crop solutions that optimize yield and maximize profit.

Harvest Land Co-op has been practicing the 4R’s for more than twenty years.

What are the 4R’s?

  • Right fertilizer source at the
  • Right rate, at the
  • Right time and in the
  • Right place

Properly managed fertilizers support cropping systems that provide economic, social and environmental benefits. On the other hand, poorly managed nutrient applications can decrease profitability and increase nutrient losses, potentially degrading water and air.

4R nutrient stewardship requires the implementation of best management practices that optimize the efficiency of fertilizer use. The goal of fertilizer best management practices is to match nutrient supply with crop requirements and to minimize nutrient losses from fields. Selection of best management practices varies by location, and those chosen for a given farm are dependent on local soil and climatic conditions, crop, management conditions and other site-specific factors.

Every step of our YieldPro system ensures:

The right product to meet your needs is used.

The most efficient rate of product is used.

The product is applied when it will be most effective.

The product is appropriately applied where needed.